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USTelekom Usage Policy

1. Unlimited Voice Services:

In order to make sure that the customer is not using the service with an intention of the violation of Usage Policy, US telecom reserves the right to review the usage of unlimited minute service plans. In case the usage is found to be inappropriate, USTelekom shall exercise its authority for termination or adjustment of services. The customer must agree to use the unlimited minute service plans specifically for regular fax or voice calls. The duration of these calls should be equal to a small business or residential usage, utilizing USTelekom’s services. The USTelekom’s customer cannot take advantage of unlimited plans with the help of fax services or voice or by employing devices, methods or procedures, or for any means not intended by USTelekom.
Services like conference calling, data transmissions, monitoring services, transmission of recorded material or transmission of broadcasts are strictly not allowed and cannot be accessed through the unlimited voice service plan. In case USTelekom finds that the customer is violating or abusing the unlimited service plan, USTelekom reserves the right to cease the service or will change the service plan.

1.1 The customer shall be considered as engaged in ‘unreasonable’ usage and a termination of services shall come into effect in case:

1.1 a) The customer is found to be a part of any reselling, resupplying, re branding, re marketing, or commercial violation activities without permission with an intention of creating traffic from multiple customers on a limited trunk or line.

1.1.b) The customer is found to be engaged in routing, that which only connects long-distance traffic and is sent through the unlimited service.
1.1.c) The customer is found to be participating in any kind of counterfeit misconducts which can result negatively such as; degradation or network congestion.
1.2 The customer service shall be immediately terminated in case the usage of our unlimited plan is found to be abusive and if they utilize:
1.2. a) Fax broadcasting
1.2. b) Continuous call session connectivity
1.2. c) Auto-dialing
1.2. d) Fax blasting
1.2. e) Continuous, repetitive or extensive call forwarding
1.2. f) Telemarketing
1.2 g) OR in case the service usage is incompatible with the terms of use specified by US telecom and may cause service congestion or harm the integrity of USTelekom.
2. Lawful Purposes Only: USTelekom is provided to be used for appropriate and lawful purposes only. Any sort of illegal use of our service or device is strictly prohibited. Improper, illegal and prohibited usage of the service and the device may be defined as follows:
2.1) If the customer delays obligatory charges for the service or interferes in the practices of the company in providing services for the users.
2.2) If the customer intends to harass, deceive, threaten, abuse, defame, defraud, interfere or use the services in violation of another’s privacy.
2.3) If the customer uses the service or device for repetitive or extensive call forwarding, auto-dialing; continuous, telemarketing, blasting, voicemail or fax broadcasting.
2.4) If the customer uses device or service for sending unsolicited messages; practices the use of robots to impersonate another identity, data mining techniques, or other automated programs or devices for downloading, or reproducing information from our service.
2.5) If the customer exceeds service access limitations; engages in the violation of regulations and laws, violating of personal rights or intellectual property of any third party.
2.6) If the customer uses the service for receiving or transferring content which could be rendered as a criminal act, increases civil liability, or engages in service or device usage with the intention of violating local, state, national or international laws.
3. Rights Of Termination:
USTelekom can not only terminate the service due to non-payment but also reserves the right to conclude or terminate the service immediately if any of the above restrictions are violated. The customer shall still be responsible for all the due charges for that particular month. Apart from that, a disconnect fee will also be charged.
4. Monitoring:
USTelekom reserves the right and shall monitor the usage of the services for any misuse of the services or the device. In which case, the services shall be terminated or restricted at the company’s discretion. There will be no hesitation on the company’s part when the employee and USTelekom’s integrity is at risk of any harm.before taking any step in order to protect USTelekom or people working for it.
4.1) Providing Information To Authorities And Third Parties:
USTelekom reserves the right to notify the authorities and investigation departments if any customer is found to be using the services or device for any unlawful intention or purpose. Customer’s identification documents, relevant information such as telephone numbers, address, credit card information and other resources for communication will be immediately sent to the prosecution. These may include IP address, types and length of services, MAC addresses, email account details as well as Registered 911 address if requested ( in the form of court orders, search warrants, subpoena, according to the laws, rules and regulations of the governmental agencies or the court of law. If any practice from within the United States or outside endangers the company as well as its employees, the company shall not hesitate to disclose the information of its client to protect its integrity.
4.2) Use Of Service And Device By Customers Outside The United States:
USTelekom services allow calls made to foreign countries from the United States while travelling. The service of USTelekom is designed to work in an unimpeded manner through high speed internet. If the customer is using another internet connection, it will not allow to use our service since there are restrictions on the usage of VOIP.
4.3) No Transfer Of Service:
The customer is not allowed to re-sell or transfer USTelekom’s service or device to anyone. USTelekom services and devices cannot be shared with any other individual unless otherwise permitted by the company.
4.4) No Alterations Or Tampering:
Customers using USTelekom strictly prohibited to alter or copy the content of the company, software or firmware of the device which might hurt the integrity of the company. If in any case they do, they will be completely responsible for the all the resultant charges. An attempt of hacking or violation of any rule of our service will be considered as an offense.
4.5) Theft Of Service:
The USTelekom’s service cannot be used or obtained without following the procedures, policies and regulations. If any customer of USTelekom faces theft of the device or service; or if the customer suspects that the service or device is being used illegally or in an unauthorized manner, the company should be notified immediately with the account number and a detailed description of the incident. If the customer fails in informing the company in an expected timely written form, provided service will be disconnected and the customer will have to bear all additional charges.


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