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US Telekom Privacy Policy

The US Telekom Privacy policy outlines the way how US Telekom will make use of the customer’s data and how it will safeguard it. This policy includes an elaboration regarding the usage of US Telekom and the website access by the customers. All the users and customers of our products and services are covered in this policy. Those users who have an account with US Telekom should ensure that their family members and other users are well aware of the US Telekom policy and fully agree with it. The information being provided by the users to companies does not come under this policy and US Telekom will not take responsibility for the data being distributed by the customers to other companies.
As outlined in the US Telekom policy, below mentioned terms have meanings outlined below.
Customer – A customer is someone who buys the products and services of US Telekom. Under this policy, if a customer purchases products and services for others, those individuals will also be considered as customers.
User –People who visit US Telekom websites will be considered as users. They can be anyone.
Personal Information –This is the information that helps in identifying the customers or the users. The examples of personal information include telephone number, social security number, email address, address, financial account number etc. The purpose of this information is to help us in finding our users. The domain of personal information excludes the published listing information. It could be information that is made available to the public to which US Telekom is not responsible.
Anonymous Information–This is information that cannot be used to concretely identify a customer. It does not help us anyway in finding a user.
Aggregate Information – Under this ambit comes the information about a wide array of customers or users, this cannot be used with concreteness to identify a user or a customer. Anonymous information is also a kind of aggregate information
Website –A website is any location or page on the web which is accessible through the PC, laptop, and cellphone, etc.; and includes protocols such as WAP, ftp, http to access location or a page. This policy website is used synonymously with web page, site and internet.

1. Information – Different type of information can be extracted from your use of our products and services as well as your relationship with us. This includes the contact information, equipment, billing information, US Telekom website usage, performance, other technical information and your viewing of our website, products, services. Information can be collected when a customer tries to purchase our product or interacts with our network about the services and products that we are offering. Customer information can be collected from the credit agencies as well.
The sole aim of collecting customer information is to provide them with the best possible experience through Through US Telekom website, you can get service updates, promotions and offers, offering advertising that will be of interest to the customers, addressing security and network issues, taking actions against those violating US Telekom policy as well as illegal activities.
Anonymous information may be obtained through anonymous means and can be grouped into data, enabling us to provide better services. When other companies are hired by US Telekom for collecting customer’s data, all the requirements pertaining to sharing personal information with other companies apply.
Anonymous information can be shared with other entities within various formats. This would be done in line with the agreement being made with other companies for the purpose of providing research for the services and products being offered.
When US Telkom provides services to you in collaboration with other companies, both the US Telekom and the other companies website apply in this case. It is advisable that customers should be well aware of the policy of other companies, so that they will be familiar with what data will be collected and what use of that data will be made.
2. Disclosure – Customer information is not to be shared with anyone. US TELEKOM make sure it is kept safe. It is kept confidential .The customer data is kept till the time customer relationship is maintained. If the information is to be kept for legal, tax then the information will be held. Information which is being stored and transmitted by US Telekom will be held in strict confidentiality while making use of the encryption tools.
Bearing in mind the legal restrictions which apply for Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI), the US Telekom may share personal data within its network of companies to make the customer experience more smoother. This will enable customers to make full use of the services being offered by US Telekom and its subsidiaries. Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) is the information which pertains to configuration type, location, quantity, type and the services that customers have purchased from the US Telecom and includes the information charged in the customer’s bill for these services. The CPNI is collected by US Telecom while providing its telecommunication services. The CPNI does not include name, telephone number and the address.
The customer information is shared with the other companies, which are providing services on behalf of the US Telecom. The companies working on behalf of US Telecom should hold customer data in extreme confidentiality and should not use this data for marketing their own products and services until the customer consent is obtained.
Personal information can be shared by US Telecom with other companies in case of an emergency, court order, verification of identity in order to prevent frauds and identity, property enforcement rights, obtaining payments for services and products that will appear in the customer next USTelecom bill statement.

3. Privacy Controls – The information that is collected by US Telecom, can be review by the customers for correction purposes. The customers will have the license to give directions and orders to US Telecom to stop telephone contacts that are being made through the telephone, text messages and emails being made by the US Telecom. Any changes to this policy will be notified to the customers on an immediate basis. Inaccurate information will be corrected by the US Telecom. Customers will have the chance to verify whether corrections have been made.
4. Exclusions –The information that customers provide to other companies will not be covered in this policy. To illustrate, if a customer uses the US Telecom services to obtain non US Telecom products and services, the information that will be taken by the non US Telecom companies will not be subject to the policy at hand.
As customers you should be aware that information that is shared on social networking sites such as chat rooms, blogs, bulletin boards or on the website of US Telecom and non US Telecom companies are open to all for reading and being collected by the other people.
If the customers share their personal information on internet, then US Telecom will by no means be held responsible for the distribution and use of customer data being made. The US Telecom may enter into an agreement with the customers to ensure that extreme customer data confidentiality is maintained at all cost. In case if the provisions of a service or product agreement differs from the US Telecom policy, it is to be noted that US Telecom policy will be applicable.
5. Security- US Telecom have established administrative and electronic safeguards to ensure that the information being collected is secure and prevented from unauthorized access and that information is being used in the appropriate manner. Our aim is to ensure that your information is held secret and appropriate measures are in place for doing this. However, one cannot be sure that even all measures in place will work to safeguard customer data such as in the case of a violation being made by the third party acting in against the US Telecom policy. If a security breach is observed, customers will be notified immediately.
6. Policies – A policy has been enacted to meet customer expectations. This will limit the solicitation of marketing materials in the form of email, text messaging and contacts being made in the form of telephone calls to customers who are not in favor of receiving it. Customers have the option to delist their names from telephone marketing campaigns being made by the US Telecom. If required by the laws and regulations, we will strive to remove the name of businesses from the telemarketing list. The FTC has its own national ‘do not call’ list registry which is accessible at and such a registry will also be maintained by your own state. If the customers have placed their numbers in this register, they won’t be receiving any telemarketing calls.
The marketing contacts are limited by adhering to the federal and state requirements. The state and federal laws does allow the companies to call their current and ex customers even though they are registered on the do not call list. Even if we are to reduce the use of CPNI, some type of marketing will still be made.
7. Online Advertising – US Telecom strives hard to detect and prevent spam emails from reaching your computer. If still a customer is getting spam emails from US Telecom address, then they should without any hesitation, email us at for further assistance.
8. Setting up an account – When asked to select the password and user name for making US Telecom account, those words and characters should be chosen which are not very common. Personal information such as user names, passwords should be held in extreme confidentiality and should never be shared with anyone.
9. Policy changes – Customer information including personal information can be shared in the event of a merger taking place, assets being sold, acquisition, moving service to another provider, bankruptcy or in any other event where customer data is moved to another party. Changes will be made in this policy as per the legal requirement and US Telecom has the rights for making changes. Any material changes taking placed will be notified through US Telecom website and customers will be made aware of the usage of information being made at least 30 days prior to the effective date of the policy. Customers are advised to keep visiting our website for any changes taking place in the policy.

US Telecom will be happy to resolve your concerns related to customer data and its confidentiality. You can email us your queries at If as customers you feet grieved on any of our policy, you are advised to contact us immediately so that we can further clarify and satisfy you. As customers you can file a complaint with the FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection which is available online or by making a toll free call at 1-877-333-3343. The customers may be entitled to other rights and remedies as part of the federal laws.


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