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USTelekom Fax Solutions

Sending and receiving faxes have never been easier with USTekom’s fax services. You send your faxes through your fax machine as well as attaching the fax documents to email and sending as fax. You will receive your faxes as regular email attachments.

Sending Faxes

You may send your faxes either through your fax machine or as an email attachment:

Sending using Fax Machine

Faxes can be sent through a Fax Machine by attaching a special Ustelekom ATA device to your fax machine. The success rate is over 98%

Sending Fax as email attachment

Simply attach your document as an email attachment and just send it. The recipient will receive the fax in their customary way. They will never know if the fax was sent via a fax machine or as an email attachment. You will receive a confirmation as soon as the fax is delivered to your recipient.

Benefits of sending faxes as email attachments

Highly Reliable: Never have a paper jammed, busy signal, or out of paper. 100% success rate

Easy: Never have to make copies of the documents to send via fax machine. Just attach to email and send

Cost Effective: Save money on fax papers

Convenient: You may fax and receive faxes from anywhere a computer and internet connection is available

Receive Faxes as email

Receive faxes as email attachments when someone sends fax to your fax number. You will never loose or miss a fax as we store all your sent and received faxes on our server.


Implement USTelekom’s Business Class Phone Service with e-Fax Solutions.