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You must read these terms and conditions very carefully, they contain valuable information about our company and our customer’s rights.
Following are the important terms and conditions:
1. Limitations and 911 services
1.1 Background of 911:
911 is a dialing code used in emergency in the United States of America. The operator available on the number will not call you back under any circumstances like; if the call gets disconnected or you didn’t had enough time speak, since they cannot access to your number until you provide them one, neither will receive any information regarding your location. Although the advance services of 911 makes sure that your registered address and telephone number is transferred to the local emergency center allocated in the area, so that they can contact you in any case of emergency after you make a call. Since there are no emergency centers in some areas, a few customers face issues in contacting 911 and some cannot even access the help. In that case, the call made for 911 will be sent to the national emergency call center where the operator will require your name, telephone number and address and contact the emergency center to provide help. Since the emergency center cannot access to your number and address, you must provide them the information they ask for. After you sign up for USTelekoms VoiP service the national emergency call center will disclose your information from all other services for emergencies.
1.2 USTelekom’s 911 and e911 services are different from the rest. (therefore, the customer must know the following)
Your location must be registered while using USTelekom’s VoiP service for each line. Never forget to refresh or change your registration after you change your location. Remember that the only way your help can be conveyed is through correct address and location.
1.2.1 USTelekom e911 service will not be available under the following circumstances:
(1) Relocation of your VoiP equipment: the customer should update the registered location if the equipment has been relocated which is being used for accessing USTelekom’s VoiP service. Otherwise, the calls you will make will be routed to your previous location and will be useless for you.
(2) Requirement of re-registration due to change in number or addition and porting of numbers: If the number gets changed or porting or addition of number occurs in the account, the USTelekom VoiP 911 service will stop working. It will only resume after you receive confirmation from USTelekom.
(3) Failure of internet connection: You will not be able to access USTelekom’s VoiP service and 911 services if there is any interruption in high-speed internet access service or broadband. If there is any interruption in power supply and equipment configuration the service will get blocked since it depends completely on the broadband connection and USTelekom is not responsible for any such power failure interruptions and does not guarantee an error-free service in that case.
(4) Mis-configuration and equipment failure: if anything goes wrong with the software, hardware or network, USTelekom will not be responsible for the errors in service. The customer must acknowledge the fact that the company should not be blamed for the errors in service if there are faults in the equipment. It is completely your responsibility.
(5) Electrical power failure: Unavailability of power supply will block the USTelekom’s VoiP service and as a result, you will not be able to use our phone service or 911 services.
(6) Non-voice systems: USTelekom’s VoiP service cannot function with medical monitory equipment and home security systems.
(7) Calls outside the US: the 911 service will not function if the USTelekom’s VoiP service is taken outside the United States. To know about the correct procedures for emergency calling check the procedures of the country you are supposed to be located in.
(8) Termination of service: your 911 service will be unavailable if it is terminated by USTelekom or has been cancelled by yourself. Any sort of delay in billing will result in termination for any other reason mention in this agreement.
(9) Network congestion and/or reduced speed for routing: we expect you to acknowledge the fact that if calls are made with USTelekom’s limited emergency response service, the call may fail and become congested due to reduced speed for routing.
(10) Other limitations: there is no system configured for e911 service nor it is capable to capture or retain location information or automatic number.

1.2.2 Notify all users of these limitations: all the users present at the physical location, where USTelekom’s VoiP service is utilized, must be informed about limitations of USTelekom’s VoiP 911 dialing and important differences compared to basic e911 or 911 provided by landline telephone service.
1.2.3 You must attach warning labels to VoiP equipment: all customers will be provided warning labels regarding unavailability and limitations of our emergency dialing code “911”. At least one sticker should be pasted on the device used with USTelekom VoiP service and on each telephone. Contact the customer service department for more 911 stickers if required.
1.2.4 Alternative arrangements: if any customer is not satisfied or is uncomfortable with the limitations of 911 services, they are free and must use an alternate emergency service. Any third-party such as landline telephone service or wireless service can be used for emergency calls. Service used for professional means cannot be used for residential or personal reasons.

(1) USTelekom does not support traditional 911 and e911 access to emergency services: USTelekom’s limited emergency service is quite different from regular emergency services.
(2) The emergency response service will not receive automated number and location identification: the local emergency personnel service cannot identify your physical address and phone number from which the call has been made. You will have to provide the information, your current location and correct number. If the call gets disconnected through any means, the operator cannot call you back or find your location.
(3) Emergency calls from a location other than your service address may not be directed correctly to a local emergency service provider: the customer must acknowledge that any call made to 911 from a location which is not registered will not be routed. Even if you are a loyal customer, any address which is not registered cannot be accessed.
1.3 Disclaimer of liability and compensation: USTelekom will not be responsible for any error inability in dialing 911 or any other number that serves emergency service. Through this document of acknowledgement you agree that you protect and defend people working for USTelekom who serve you in your hardships, from any kind of false claims, damages and penalties. Also USTelekom does not hold any responsibility over the kind of calls they receive. In fact it depends over the third parties for assistance in routing 911 service calls to local emergency response centers.
1.4 By clicking below you verify and affirm that you have understood the agreement regarding USTelekom’s policies, services for 911 and e911.


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