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Cancellation Policy

You may terminate your USTelekom VOIP Service whenever they want by providing USTelekom with observe of your purpose to terminate by delivering an e-mail to or calling our Customer Care Division at 1-832-632-7150
1.1 Money Back Guarantee
If you are disappointed with your USTelekom service for any reason in the first 30 days after signing up, under the condition that you have not used over 50% of the allowed minutes in your metered registration strategy or 500 minutes in an endless strategy, and you are not subject to a lowest dedication contact, you may terminate and be eligible for a refund of devices, initial and registration charges. Managing and delivery expenses are not refundable. Reimbursements for gadgets where an RMA was asked for within the 30 day interval will be created in complete if the gadgets are in “returnable” condition and the device is returned within One week of the RMA period of time. Returnable condition requires the item to be in new condition, in the unique appearance and all parts and documentation obtained. Return delivery is the client liability.

Our money back guarantee does not implement to lowest dedication agreements, any expenses for worldwide utilization, payphone calls to USTelekom toll-free numbers, and listing assistance. Moreover, we may not be able to refund of the taxation that you paid. USTelekom will use over the commercially reasonable initiatives to refund quickly any expenses (less any amounts that you owe to us) to your account following the refund of your system. If your system is not refund within 14 days from the RMA period of time, USTelekom will refund for all eligible expenses except for the device expenses. Once the device is returned, the device expenses will be returned less any appropriate restock fee.

Cancellations under the cash back guarantee on accounts where a 100 % free system was included will be returned in complete, less the delivery cost, upon cancellations. A cost for the list price of the device will be created to the client’s account if the device is not returned within 14 days of the RMA period of time. We have the right to revoke the cash back guarantee for all customers whenever they want without prior notice. The 30 Day Cash Returning Assurance does not implement if you are found to be in breach of our terms and conditions or if you have taken advantage of the guarantee in the past.

1.2 Refunds After 30 Days
Upon cancellations of services information, your account will get a pro-rated refund for any staying pre-paid complete 30 days registration charges, if appropriate (i.e., not appropriate to lowest dedication contracts). You will not get any refund or partially refund or any credit for expenses already charged to your account in the 30 days of cancellations. Activation charges, delivery charges and one-time charges are not eligible for any type of refund; only service charges are refundable as defined in this contract. Products are not returnable or refundable after the 30 Day Cash Returning interval. Non-usage and services information does not represent cancellations and services information nor does it increase the 30 day money back guarantee interval.

1.3 Minimum Commitments Contracts
In the event you finalized up for a lowest dedication contract, along with any detach fee, you will be accountable for all expenses for the entire lowest dedication interval and approve USTelekom to bill these charges to your payment method (credit card). The 30 day money back guarantee does not implement to any implemented lowest dedication contract.

1.4 Porting
You may be able to take, or “port,” your current variety to another company. Once your slot is completed through your new company, you must e-mail to terminate your USTelekom Service. Until you terminate service with USTelekom, you will remain a USTelekom customer, and you will continue to be accountable for all expenses and charges associated with your Service. If you terminate your Service before realization the slot, your Service will not work and your variety may not be available for porting. Your account must be active and current in order to slot out your number.


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