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If you are looking for a business phone system with features available to large companies and don’t want to invest thousands of dollars to purchase and maintain on-premise equipment, then Hosted PBX is the way to go. With rich features provided by USTelekom’s Hosted PBX service, you can have a free PBX and services like unlimited extensions, call recording, call queues, and call forwarding with no additional cost.

UStelekom offers its services with no contract to sign. You may discontinue our service anytime if you are not completely satisfied with it. You can make unlimited inbound and outbound calls at no additional cost when dialed within continental USA and Canada. Internal calls within USTelekom network are free. What this means is that your employees can work from home, or different part of the country or overseas, their calls are free when dialed in the USA or Canada or within the USTelekom network. This is particularly good for companies whose employees are spread out throughout the world.

Configuring new phone extensions is very easy with USTelekom phone system. This means that businesses can connect all their employees under a single phone system no matter where they are located in the world. And all extensions can work with our supported IP Phones, USTelekom’s Desktop Solutions, and our mobile app for iPhone and Android phones.

USTelekom’s Phone System provides:

No Contract Service

Unlimited phone calls in USA and Canada from any USTelekom located any part of the world

Free calls to sixty countries

Sixty minutes free calls per month to over one hundred and twenty countries

Hosted PBX

Call Forwarding

Call Transfer

Do-not-Disturb feature

Call Recording (1)

Call Queue

Automatic Call Distribution

Call Groups

Hunt Groups

Three way call

Conference Calls with unlimited participants


Call Park

Voice Mailboxes

Voice Email Messages

Virtual Telephones

Fax by Fax Machine (2)

Fax to Email Service (2)

Email to Fax Service (2)

(1)    Call Recording is $9.95 per month per extension. It includes unlimited recording on our servers. You may listen to recordings by logging into your account.

(2)    Please talk to our representative for pricing.



Implement USTelekom’s Business Class Phone Service with e-Fax Solutions.